Why Book Clubs Are Essential for Book Lovers.

Books are a window into another world. 

It sounds cliché, but honestly reading a really good book is like temporarily traveling somewhere else, experiencing new sights, sounds and even taste, all within your imagination. I think of good writers as tour guides who are able to effectively guide you around this new, amazing place and curate your experience. There’s really nothing like a good book.

After leaving the world of my latest most amazing read, I tend to feel bereft. I want more. I want to immerse myself even further into this world and spend more time with the characters who I think of as my new friends. I look for movies based on the book, fanfiction and even YouTube video edits but it’s not quite the same. What always helps me cope is talking about the book with people I know who have read it and loved it too.

It’s something for us to bond over and an exciting topic for us to discuss. We get to analyse it and dwell on it for a while and the process provides a form of closure. But that’s not all book clubs are good for. Not only do you get to make friends and develop a sense of camaraderie, but you also get to learn about new things and topics. When you start a new book with your book club, you have companions to accompany you on the daunting and immersive journey to a new world. You also get the opportunity to learn about and understand different perspectives as no two people see things the exact same way. 

The insight you can gain and the companionship you share are invaluable.

Join our book club today and let’s explore new worlds together!

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