This book follows Ada’s life, whose existence was prayed for by her parents.

Five Features of A Good Book

The search for a good book amongst millions out there is never easy. A good book will have you turning pages and gasping in awe, wondering how the author got inside your head. A great book will have you up late into the evening, unable to put it down. What makes a good book? In […]

Why Book Clubs Are Essential for Book Lovers.

Books are a window into another world.  It sounds cliché, but honestly reading a really good book is like temporarily traveling somewhere else, experiencing new sights, sounds and even taste, all within your imagination. I think of good writers as tour guides who are able to effectively guide you around this new, amazing place and […]


This month we read Matt Haig’s midnight library. It was a thought-provoking read. We highly recommend you read it if you haven’t yet. The Midnight Library centres around Nora Seed, a woman with so much regret in her life she decides to commit suicide. After her suicide attempt, she finds herself in a library with […]

3 Ways an Accountability Partner Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

We all know that committing to a goal is easier when we are accountable, which is why successful people achieve their goals by surrounding themselves with positive and supportive people. That’s why having an accountability partner can help you reach your goals faster. An accountability partner is someone who holds you more accountable to your […]