5 Things binge readers can relate with!

Have you ever started reading a book and you got so immersed in its plot that you’d rather turn the next page than sleep? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

To binge-read is to become so engrossed in a book that you read it all in one sitting (Urban Dictionary). If you fall into the above category, then congratulations, welcome to the club. Don’t try to deny it, I see the guilt all over your face.

Now thanks to ebooks and audiobook sites like Kindle, Audible, Bambooks, and Kobo, we’re spending copious amounts of time curled up on our favourite couch, binging our favourite series and getting extremely emotional at the events in the life of the characters. 

Five Signs you’re a Binge Reader

1. When you read the entire available series in one sitting and now you have to wait a year to get the sequel.

(For example, The Harry Potter Series. Also and A Song of Ice And Fire…. But we know that’s never getting completed now.)

2. You can’t wait to get home from the day’s activities (school or work) so you can continue from where you left off without distractions.

The time seems bent on going so slow now that you just got that new read after searching forever and in the last hour you’ve glanced at the clock like a thousand times.

3. You lack an appetite for food.

Who needs food when they have books? So you skip meals and then when you manage to eat, you barely glance at what you put into your mouth.

Why? Because you got your eyes stuck in a book.

4. When you never follow your to-do list 

Worklist? What list? 

After putting down, laundry, house cleaning, timeout with friends e.t.c. then we hear that little voice that says “Why not start that book you just got?” Just two chapters, it won’t hurt. 

Then you look up from two chapters and realize that it’s past time for lunch and you’ve not had breakfast. 

If you’ve ever successfully fought against this voice then kudos you deserve an ovation. 

I haven’t ever, it is a constant struggle with a great book. 

5. The sadness that comes with finally finishing a series.

Finally, the journey of a thousand pages has ended, leaving us wanting more. 

One more chapter please, just one more. We need our daily dose else we may be institutionalized.

“Sometimes we need to escape the world, sometimes we need desperately to engage with it. The magic of books is that we can do both through them, with nary an extra calorie or hangover to show for it”. 

Jennifer Keishin.

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