Book Review: Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno Garcia

Silvia Moreno Garcia’s ‘Mexican Gothic’ is a Gothic horror for the ages. Blending many themes and rich characters to create this wild, interesting and unsettling read. The story centres around Noemi Taboada who attempts to rescue her beleaguered cousin from the domineering family she married into. We follow her into this world of creepy family […]

Book Review: The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett

Does the past have the ability to have a lasting influence on the way it shapes a person’s desires, decisions, expectations? Can you truly run from your past? This book follows the lives of two identical twin sisters, Stella and Desiree, who grow up in a small light-skinned obsessed town called Mallard. They run away […]

In the Mood for Romance? Here are Our Top Ten Picks.

What are your favourite reasons for reading romantic books? For us, it is the ability of these stories to bring tears to our eyes and broad smiles to our lips, ‘tears of joy’ as they call it. Romantic stories are optimistic, spirit-lifting, and tend to give you a sense of understanding love to a certain […]